World Patient Safety Day 2020 takes place on Thursday 17 September. To support it, the MHRA is launching an awareness-raising campaign of its Yellow Card scheme as a patient safety reporting system for suspected adverse drug reactions to medicines, medical device incidents, and defective or fake medical products, including concerns with e-cigarettes and their refills.

The Yellow Card scheme has identified many new safety issues and gained further information about known effects. Reporting a Yellow Card enables the MHRA to take regulatory action to minimise risk and maximise benefits to patients and those that use healthcare products.

The scheme relies on voluntary reports from both healthcare professionals and members of the public, and MHRA continues to evolve the service to meet patient needs and improve the safety of medicines and medical devices in the UK.

The MHRA will be running awareness campaigns throughout the week starting on Monday 14 September, and will be actively promoting the day and campaign on their social media channels, which you can support – every report counts towards ensuring patient safety, and so will every retweeting, re-sharing and reposting of our social media content.


The official hashtags that will be used during the campaign are #PatientSafety, #WorldPatientSafetyDay and #EveryReportCounts.

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