Welcome to the 2020 Pre-Reg Calculations Course

This year, due to social distancing restrictions during the Covid-19 Pandemic we have remodelled the course into an online resource supported by live Zoom tutorials.

After completing the new 3-Step Course you should be able to:

  • Understand the main types of calculations covered in the pre-registration exam
  • Competently perform examples of pharmacy related calculations
  • Appreciate the format of the calculations section of registration exam
  • Continue the practice of calculations in your work environment

Course tutors: Johanne Barry Senior Lecturer QUB and Iain Jack, lecturer UU.

Remember to book your live Zoom tutorial ASAP by following the link in step 3. There are 12 tutorials to choose from between 18-27 Jun – book early to get your preferred date.

Complete your Pre-Coursework 

The pre-coursework should be completed prior to watching the 2 online lectures in step 2 to optimise your learning.

There are two sections comprised of 30 questions in total.

 Download here 

Complete 2 online lectures which can be accessed with your unique pin code supplied via e-mail.

Session 1  (30min) – Johanne Barry, Senior Lecturer QUB 

Session 2  (60min) – Iain Jack, Lecturer UU

View videos 

Complete the following practice questions to apply your learning

  • Attend your live Zoom tutorial session (1hr) with a tutor to address anything you do not understand or want clarified in relation to the practice questions or the calculations course. (max 10 people per session)

Book your Zoom tutorial here

We wish you all the very best with your exam preparation during what has been to date a challenging year for you all. You may find it helpful to access our ‘exam refocus tips’ resource sheet.

Contact Sharon.bell@psni.org.uk (course admin) if you have any queries in relation to the course resources.