The 2021 election process for the Pharmacy Forum NI Board is now open and we are inviting registered pharmacists in NI to vote and/or become a candidate. There are four places available in this election cycle.

Pharmacy Forum NI is a key stakeholder providing professional leadership close to the changes impacting the profession and the environment in which pharmacists work. The 2021 election represents an important opportunity to be part of shaping a future that ensures the role of pharmacists continues as a strong and valued component of patient-centred care in Northern Ireland.

The changing face of pharmacy

Pharmacy is entering an exciting new era. The fundamentals of the role have been on a transition from the traditional dispensing of medicines to more patient-facing clinical roles across all areas of practice. In addition, with the new radical reforms to the initial education and training of pharmacists being implemented, anyone now entering the profession has the potential to be prescribing ready upon qualification.

At the same time, the adoption of technologies such as automation and telehealth as well as the potential for Hub & Spoke dispensing between pharmacies of different legal entities will also change the face of pharmacy as we know it.

All of this is happening within an ever-changing political landscape and within a health and social care service that is undergoing a time of significant post-pandemic recovery.

Shape the future of NI pharmacy

To registered pharmacists, whether deciding to be a candidate, or exercising your vote to elect a Board member, you are participating in a democratic process in which every vote is equal, valued and counted.

  • Do you want to make a difference to the future of the pharmacy profession?

  • Would you like to share your views and make your voice heard? 

  • Do you have the energy and commitment to lead?

Pharmacy Forum NI offers a great platform for you to achieve all of this.  

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