Why should I vote?

With a General Election looming on 8th June and the most recent Assembly Election just weeks behind us on 2nd March 2017, many of us are suffering from voter fatigue.  That’s understandable. However, we want to make the case to you, why participating in the Pharmacy Forum Board election is so important.

By using your vote you not only participate in a democratic process in which every vote is equal, valuable and counted, you can affect positive change. In an often uncertain and changing political and socio-economic environment, the role of a strong, focused professional leadership body has seldom been more relevant or important.

Pharmacy in Northern Ireland continues to face challenges and the profession must be equipped to address them. Whether it is the future of regulation, changes to healthcare in Northern Ireland, de-criminalisation, or advocating for the role of pharmacists as an essential component of patient-centred care, it is vital that we ensure that we have the right leadership to take this work forward. This election represents an important opportunity for members to make their voices heard, to ensure that:

  • We have a mandate to speak for the pharmacy profession.
  • The composition of the Pharmacy Forum Board is diverse and representative of the membership.
  • That the Board consists of individuals who represent your own views and aspirations for the future direction of the pharmacy profession.
  • That the leadership body is robust and able to provide an effective voice for pharmacists in Northern Ireland.

What does the Pharmacy Forum Board do?

  • Pharmacy Forum NI is the professional leadership body for all pharmacists registered to practice in Northern Ireland. Our role is to lead, promote and support the pharmacy profession in the public interest.
  • Our members are pharmacists registered to practice by the Pharmaceutical Society NI.
  • Pharmacy Forum NI is led by our Board members who actively represent all areas of pharmacy practice.
  • The Board is composed of both elected and representative members with the full membership eligible to stand for election.
  • We are an arms-length body that operates through a legal scheme of delegation to the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland.

Voting begins at 5pm on Monday 8th May 2017

All pharmacists currently registered on 8th May 2017 with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland can vote. Each member has 5 votes of equal weighting.

All votes are collated independently by a third party.

Voting closes 5pm on Monday 29th May 2017 and results will be announced soon after.

If you have any difficulty voting, or if you require a postal vote please let us know.  Tel: (028)90326927 or Email: pharmacy.forum@psni.org.uk