Be The Difference

  • Do you want to make a difference to the future of the pharmacy profession?
  • Do you want to share your views and make your voice heard?
  • Do you have the energy and commitment to lead?

Be A Candidate

  • You can nominate yourself to be a candidate
  • You can encourage a colleague to be a candidate
  • Nominations open on 4th March & close on 22nd March 2019
  • The nomination form is available by clicking on the nominate button

A candidate will only be eligible for election if he or she is a registrant of the Pharmaceutical Society NI and therefore member of the Pharmacy Forum. No member will be eligible to stand for election if he or she has been charged with a criminal offence (excludes offences for which a fixed penalty has been applied) or has been notified by the Pharmaceutical Society NI or any other professional, regulatory or public body that he or she is subject to investigation in relation to his or her conduct or competence and the matter is unresolved.

The Board currently meet every eight weeks throughout the year.

There are 8 elected members of the board and 4 members retire by rotation every 2 years so that all expertise and experience is not lost in any given 2 year period. Therefore, once a board member is elected, they will stand for a period of 4 years in total. Remaining board members have representative roles or are co-opted for skills and expertise. Read more about the current structure.

In addition, depending on your area of interest, there are opportunities to become part of the operational committee structure (committees generally meet six weekly), working groups or task and finish groups (varied commitment).

Be A Voter

  • Ensure you vote
  • Voting opens on 8th April & closes on 26th April 2019

You can also champion your candidate online. Tag us @PharmForumNI

Be Involved

Whether deciding to be a candidate, or exercising your vote to elect a Board member, you are participating in a democratic process in which every vote is equal, valued and counted. You can help to drive positive change and ensure that your leadership body is both representative and responsive.

We want to encourage colleagues to take up the challenge and get involved. It’s your profession and your Forum.