Lola Dabiri

Scotland and Northern Ireland lead for the UK Black Pharmacists Association

Superintendent pharmacist, MufTH Ventures, Alpha pharmacy & clinic

Lola’s pharmacy career of over 25 years spans Africa, Europe and North America, from world-class healthcare facilities to very remote and isolated facilities in the African rain forest and everything in-between.

Lola is the Scotland and Northern Ireland lead for the UK Black Pharmacists Association. She is passionate about paving the way for a younger generation of black pharmacists to follow and achieve their best in their pharmacy career and life.

A visionary, she is passionate about medicines and total well-being. She has practised in hospitals, community pharmacy and primary care. She ventured into independent prescribing as a pharmacist to increase her pharmaceutical care delivery.

As an entrepreneur, she has recently started her private pharmacy focusing on providing much-needed prompt pharmaceutical care services.She continues to be involved in mentoring and assisting students, pre-registration students and other colleagues in enjoying and thriving in pharmacy.

Poetry, storytelling and change management are her pastimes. She enjoys being a wife, mothering her three lovely kids and living her Christian faith daily.