Andrew Cheung

Hospital Pharmacist, Belfast Trust and Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group

Andrew works as the Acute Care at Home pharmacist in the Belfast Trust, providing clinical advice and support to my team. His responsibilities include medication reviews and medicines counselling to patients at home and communicating to GPs, community pharmacy and practice-based pharmacists on changes to patient treatment.

Andrew started his career in pharmacy five years ago in community, where he rose through the ranks from pre-reg to Pharmacy Manager. A desire for a more clinically challenging environment led him to pursue a career in hospital pharmacy.

The Acute Care at Home team aims to provide a comprehensive geriatric service and support for older patients at home. Patients have the same access to diagnostics and laboratories as if they were a hospital inpatient.  The team’s aims are to avoid unnecessary admission to hospital, provide acute medical care at home and helping patients to be as safe and independent as possible at home. This service is proving to be even more important as they continue to work through the pandemic to protect and support our older people who may be at risk of isolation at home.