You may be able to access funding from the CW Young Fund.

The fund is for research and education projects that will promote and advance pharmacy, for the public benefit in Northern Ireland.

The current funding round is open and will close on Friday 5 January 2024, 12 noon. To keep you informed this dedicated page will be continually updated by our team.

If you have any questions about the C.W. Young Fund please contact Pharmacy Forum Coordinator  07951 044876

Charles William Young, Head of Department of Pharmacy in Belfast College of Technology from 1929 -1960

The award is to promote and advance (by charitable means) the development of pharmacy in Northern Ireland by supporting the education, acquisition of knowledge and furtherance of research in Northern Ireland.

The eligibility criteria for the award provision of scholarships, bursaries and maintenance allowances are:
• You are a scholar, pharmacist or student engaged in study or research in the discipline of pharmacy
• Your proposed work is linked to an appropriate educational establishment in Northern Ireland. Examples of appropriate establishments include Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University
• Your proposed work seeks to promote and advance the development of pharmacy in Northern Ireland

The fund is for research and education projects that will promote and advance pharmacy (for the public benefit) in Northern Ireland through the award of scholarships, bursaries or maintenance allowances.

The C.W. Young Fund was established to recognise the services given by Mr Charles William Young (who died in 1963) to the education of pharmaceutical chemists. C. W. Young was head of the Department of Pharmacy in Belfast College of Technology from 1929 until 1960.


Application forms are reviewed and shortlisted by the Education, Training and Research Committee Members, who make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Trustees are Elected Members of the Pharmacy Forum NI Board. Shortlisting of applications is based on the information provided in the application only, so please ensure your form is completed in full.
Trustees will grant no more £7,500 in any one year from the fund. No individual applicant can be funded to a total value exceeding £15,000 over 3 academic years.
Please note that Trustees reserve the right to reduce the amount of the award from that requested and that the Trustees decision is final with no right of appeal.
All applicants will be provided feedback on the application form submitted
We will process your personal data in accordance with data protection legislation [and our data protection/retention policies]. We will only retain your personal data for as long as is necessary.
Trustees will take steps to ensure that the funds are being used for the purpose requested through the receipt of reports on the usage of the funds. The frequency of such reports will be project specific. Details of the reporting requirements (and accounting details as appropriate) will form an integral part of the grant letter for successful applications.
Priority will be given to any research identified by the Pharmacy Forum NI as relevant to its work and Strategic objectives.
The Pharmacy Forum NI reserve the right to publish the details of any bursary awarded and also utilise and publish the outcomes from the research when completed.

CW Young Application Form 2023

Applicants should note:

That assessment criteria are included as guidance to completing the application form at appendix A

Please send completed applications, on or before the published deadline to:

To assist in the completion of your application, please refer to the guidance document below.

CW Young Application Form Guidance