Today, at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England David Webb made an announcement that the 4 CPhO’s would be launching a commission to explore what is necessary for Pharmacy Professional Leadership going forward to ensure all registrants and practitioners are supported in their practice.

The Pharmacy Forum NI welcome this development in the context of a time of transformational change for the profession. We are navigating at pace innovations in technology, drug delivery systems, personalised medication, post-pandemic recovery of the NHS and significant reforms to initial education and training of pharmacists alongside new models of prescribing and the sale and supply of medicines to name a few.

Chair of the Pharmacy Forum NI Eamon O’Donnell said

“The Forum will embrace the opportunity, with colleagues in GB, to look at how professional leadership can be forward facing for the future to support and develop pharmacists in the ever-evolving ways in which pharmacy practice is embedded in the wider health and social care of our patients. In NI we will potentially have Technician Registration in the near future, and it is imperative that we have competent, confident pharmacy professionals who have networks of colleagues and professional support to excel and push the boundaries of practice and great patient care. It is equally important that their professional voice is heard, and they are represented in key developments in healthcare delivery and service modelling.

It is always wise at a time of significant change to take a step back and look at what you are doing, evaluate and be future facing.”

Pharmacy Forum NI Manager Julie Greenfield commented

“Northern Ireland is unique among the four countries to have a separate regulator (PSNI) and delivery of professional leadership by The Pharmacy Forum NI. In a devolved health and social care system it is important to be locally responsive and yet nationally minded. We currently collaborate with colleagues across the UK on a wide range of issues and we look forward to building on that platform with the announcement of the CPhO’s commission.”