The Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) codeword scheme allows victims of domestic abuse to access support from the safety of their local pharmacy.

Launched in January 2021, the scheme has been established with Boots pharmacies and a number of independent contractors across Northern Ireland.

As not all towns and villages in NI have a Boots in their locality, Pharmacy Forum NI has been asked to appeal to our independent pharmacies to make this service available to your customers.

The Ask for ANI scheme allows those at risk or suffering from abuse to discreetly signal that they need help and access support. ‘ANI’ stands for Action Needed Immediately but also sounds like the name Annie when spoken and provides a discreet way for victims of domestic abuse to signal that they need emergency help. As an essential retailer based on high streets and local communities across the country, and with specifically trained staff, pharmacies can provide a safe space for victims to sound an alarm if they are isolated at home with their abuser and unable to get help in another way.

Pharmacies taking part will be given promotional material to display in store to signal to victims that they are participating in the scheme.

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