We are currently recruiting for a new cohort of “experience apprentices” to our Board and Committees.

If you are an early career pharmacist – someone who was on the register for less than five years on 1 June 2023 – then this is a great opportunity to develop skills such as communication, negotiation, strategic planning and policy making, which will enhance your professional development, as well as contributing to shaping the future of the profession.

Ryan McNally, Post-doctoral Research Associate/Pharmacist at King’s College London, has been serving as an apprentice member of the Education, Research and Training Committee since January 2022.

Ryan told us about his experience.

Ryan McNally

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have taken full advantage of the amazing opportunities offered to me, which are not limited to attending Board meetings, where I discussed the future of pharmacy in NI with senior leaders and key stakeholders and attended a training course on effective leadership.

“Currently, I attend meetings every three months, where I have been assisting with the functions of developing the Foundation Year Pharmacist calculations training programme, awarding fellowships and progressing CPD support.

“It is a pleasure to work alongside the key players in the field of pharmacy education and research and reconnect with some people that taught me during my MPharm degree at QUB.

“As a post-doctoral researcher, I have been inspired by the passion this committee has for advancing pharmacy research and for helping pharmacists bridge the gap between research and clinical practice through initiatives such as the CW Young Fund.

“By participating in this committee, I have advanced my teamworking, leadership and collaboration skills, which will undoubtedly serve me well as I continue my professional career.

“I am forever indebted to the Pharmacy Forum for granting me this unrivalled opportunity, and I strongly encourage any Early Career Pharmacist to take full leverage of this opportunity at the next call for Apprentices.”

To find out more, and to apply for an apprenticeship, click here.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 15 December 2023.