Dr Kate McCleland

Academic qualifications and date awarded

BSc(pharm), PhD (1980, 1986)

MPSNI (1985) FPSNI (2010)


Professional appointments

1996 elected onto Pharmaceutical Society NI Council

1998 Chair of the Practice Committee of the Pharmaceutical Society NI Council

2001-2003 Pharmacist with GP Commissioning Pilot,

2004-2006 Member of KHSCG Lisburn

2001-2003 Vice President PSNI

2003-2005 President Pharmaceutical Society NI Council

2005-2007 CHRE Council member

2005-2010 NI Representative PGEU

2008-2010 Head of U.K delegation PGEU

From 2011 Kate has been an elected Member of the Pharmacy Forum NI Board as was elected as Chair of the Board for the Pharmacy Forum NI in 2013